Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bestiality: Should You Wear a Condom to Have Sex With Your Dog?

Charles Danten

It is almost impossible to assess the popularity of bestiality or sex with animals, as most people, understandably so, will not talk openly about their love affair with their cat, dog, or horse. The practice is still taboo in most civilized countries. (1) But judging by the thousands of porn sites on bestiality it is probably more popular than most of us would like to know, sufficiently so as to be banned in Denmark. According to the Daily Mail, erotic zoos, for example, where zoophiles can have a paying sexual relationship with a llama, a sheep, or a goat are becoming increasingly popular, and so is sex with horses.

In a landmark study on bestiality, scientists Andreas L. Beetz and Anthony L. Podberscek reported some gruesome accounts of what people, both female and male, do to animals to satisfy their own sexual needs. For example, one woman got a thrill out of putting a hamster in a condom, which she closed with a knot before inserting it into her vagina. (2) If the four-legged vibrator cannot please mistress fast enough, it suffocates before you know it. Fortunately for mistress, a sex toy of this type is cheaper to replace than the batteries of an electrical vibrator!

In Europe, for instance, couples pay prostitutes, preferably Black, to be penetrated doggy-style by their German shepherd or some other large breed. Some clients even want their human sex slave to perform oral sex on their dog. Everything is videotaped for posterity and parties are organized around these orgies. Even the journalists who reported these facts on the Quebec TV program, Les francs tireurs, were shocked to say the least by what they found. (3)

But should these journalists be shocked after all when you know that in Trudeau's Canada, a country deeply infected by cultural marxism, sexual relations with animals are legal and well regarded. Several reputed animal lovers condone bestiality. Peter Singer, for one, the Karl Marx of animal liberation, sees in bestiality, the end of specism, the equivalent of racism in humans. (4) Even Boris Levinson, the modern instigator of the present pet fad, now deceased, a man obsessed in his writings by the sexuality of young boys, is quite enthusiastic about bestiality:

Let us very briefly consider the psychological characteristics of pets, which permit them to become objects and collaborators in our sexual activity. Our handling and conditioning of our pets make it easy for them both to submit to our sexual drives and to enjoy participating in them.
Take the dog, for example. When a puppy is taken away from the bitch at the relatively early age of 4 or 5 weeks, made to live exclusively with people and denied the companionship of other dogs, it may become imprinted on human beings and regard its master as a preferred sex mate. Furthermore, dogs mature sexually at 6 to 9 months of age and begin to exhibit sexual behaviour, which may be exciting to some pet owners. Some children are led into sexual activity in this manner. Dogs which have been adopted at an early age are easily trainable and may be conditioned for whatever purpose their master has in mind. Lap dogs, for example, are easily taught to engage in cunnilingus. Furthermore, some dogs are easily excited from contact with menstruating women. [...] For a child masturbation with an animal is to be preferred to solitary masturbation. (5)(6)(7)

From a practical point of view, many diseases are sexually transmitted from animals to humans, including brucellosis and leptospirosis. Having sex with a dog without a condom is therefore dangerous. Many types of injuries are to be feared, unless of course, one has his veterinarian declaw and pull the teeth out of his or her sex mate. The immobilization of the bitch in heat in a contention stall, a common practice in puppy mills, is mandatory. (8) A muzzle would do just as well, but the poor bitch would not be more docile when penetrated. Imagine her dismay, especially outside the heat period when she is not receptive. And it's impossible to pull her head off in order to neutralize her as is done to the chicken to cause the contraction of the cloaca which multiplies the pleasure of the person who has introduced his erect penis in that organ. (9)

In the privacy of his home, any fool can abuse an animal without incurring the wrath of the law. What you see on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg of the atrocities that humans commit on animals for their sole pleasure and comfort. And animal rights will not make things better as no animal will ever be able to “come out” to assert its rights. 


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