Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Anti-Hate-Speech Propaganda of the Pro Pit Bull Advocates

Charles Danten, former veterinarian

“Racism” is a propaganda term designed and used in the thirties by marxist internationalists in order to stigmatize any racial affirmation on the part of whites and any criticism of immigration and multiculturalism (1). This toxic term is commonly manipulated by the spokespersons of the pet industry, such as Claudia Gilbert, the veterinary columnist of the TV show, Salut Bonjour, for stigmatizing any criticism of pit bulls and bending the authorities in the desired way. And it works. Several mayors feeling guilty reversed their decision to ban pit bulls following accusations of this kind. (2)

The pro-pit bull, animal, and pet industry advocates use many other stigmatizing words and expressions to suppress any criticism. The following expressions and terms, for example, are common in the vocabulary of advocates: “pit bulls are the Jews of the canine world,” “gazed,” “gas chamber,” “deportee,” “genocide,” “pit bulls are the blacks of society and anti-pit bulls are the KKK,” “visible minority,” “discrimination of race,” “racial profiling of dogs sanctions racial profiling of human beings.” These agents of propaganda, disinformation, and intimidation well versed in the rhetoric of multiculturalism,  civil rights,  human rights,  and hate speech make an amalgam between the persecution of humans and the “persecution” of pit bulls. To the dismay of Jewish associations who have prohibited this event, pro-pit bull advocates even wanted to parade in the streets with their pit bulls wearing a yellow star! (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) 

“In order to save a dog, I am willing to accept any legislation which makes it mandatory to sterilize, vaccinate, keep on a leash, and identify a dog,” claims Anne-Marie Goldwater cited in Killer Dogs. “I even accept muzzles, I'm pretty open, but I will never support a project that targets a visible minority of dogs. [...] With all of my lawyer DNA, I am against this idea to discriminate against a breed. We're in 2016, we don't judge people by their appearance, so how could we do so with dogs?” (8) 

But Ms. Goldwater, these dogs that you defend with all your DNA as if they were human beings like you and I, are not human beings, but domestic animals created by humans specifically for the purpose of serving mankind. Given their bad reputation and the danger they represent to humans, especially children and the elderly, it's completely justified to take preventive or precautionary measures to protect the public. We are not targeting a “visible minority,” because as we said previously, dogs are not human beings, but pets. Aren't you confusing animals with humans? 

Obviously if you're for forced sterilization, vaccination, restraint, mandatory animal identification, and  muzzling, you are contradicting yourself, because you are in fact admitting that animals are not human beings. Don’t you know that humans are not forcibly sterilized, enslaved, muzzled, and identified with a microchip under the skin? You use terms and arguments specific to humans in order to make the public feel guilty and convince them that you are right. This is called emotional blackmail disinformation, and intimidation.

The Coalition for the promotion of the security of people and dogs, founded by lawyers, Genevieve and Julius Grey as well as Sabrina Sabbah, are not much better in that department than Ms. Goldwater. “I don't understand,” laments Mr. Grey, “why do we insist, contrary to all reports from veterinarians, that legislation for the elimination of certain breeds is effective.” (9) Well, quite simply because veterinarians, Mr. Julius, have no credibility. These licensed propaganda and disinformation agents serve neither the public nor the animals they treat, but their own interests and those of their industry and clients. You would be more credible if you quoted studies, such as those at the end of Killer Dogs.

“The coalition,” insists Mr. Julius Grey, “bases its claims on studies that show that the banishment of pit bulls did not improve the security of the people of Ontario.” (10) Not so, Mr. Julius. Ontario is on the contrary an example to follow (see the graphic on breed management in Ontario in A Few Facts About Pit Bulls). (11)

Mr. Julius Grey ends his rant by threats of a lawsuit and by issuing the following warning: “Montreal will be fingered all over the world for its intolerance and inhumanity.” (12) A non-argument that sounds like Hillary Clinton or CNN calling Donald Trump a racist and a xenophobe for wanting to stop illegal immigration and securing the borders of his country!

These intimidation tactics full of lies and hints of anti-semitism, xenophobia, racism, fascism, nazism, and holocaust are tools of propaganda hostile to those who would assert their rights for perfectly legitimate reasons. Without these “stink balls,” opponents of breed-specific legislation would be forced to defend their point of view with objective arguments, and they would fail for sure, because they have no reasonable arguments. 


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