Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Role of Cultural Marxism in the Pit Bull Problem

Charles Danten, former veterinarian

All the bogus ideas on race, behaviour, and egalitarianism, which are used as arguments by pro pit bull advocates such as, Anne-Marie Goldwater, as well as by the liberals in power who voted against the pit bull ban in Quebec, are Cultural Marxist ideas (see below what Ron Paul thinks of Cultural Marxism). 

This Jewish-led ideology (see Further reading section below), that was born in the head of several crackpots such as Marx, Freud, Gramsci, Lukas, Reich, Marcuse, Israel Ehrenburg (Ashley Montagu), and Boaz of the Frankfurt School, is partially transposed almost word for word on pit bulls as if they were human beings. 

The end goal of Cultural Marxism is to erase the borders between nations, sexes, races, and species. They want a one-size-fits-all government and culture composed of a racially mixed dumbed-down easy to manipulate population whose only goal in life is to buy things or to get intoxicated by various mood enhancing drugs such as porno, sodomy, pedophilia, zoophilia, marijuana, alcohol, high calorie food, pets, etc. Total degeneracy is the end goal and we're almost there.

This globalist project is forced on the public (without their consent) by social engineering through books, mainstream media, movies, TV series and sit-coms, government propaganda, and schools. 

Even pre-school children are being brainwashed with this poisonous ideology. By the time these kids finish university, they hate themselves to the point of wanting to destroy their own kind.

In the end, does the government have the right, asks Richard Pipes, in his book, Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime (Vintage Books, 1995), to remake human beings and refashion society without the mandate of the people and even against its will in the spirit of the early communist slogan:  We will drive mankind to happiness by force. ’ 

According to Kant, writes Richard Pipes, man must never be a means to an end, but an end in himself. 

To sacrifice a civilization, a nation, a race, and a people for some utopia created by a few Jewish-led narcissistic out of touch people who couldn’t care less about those they are using to create their Garden of Eden is not only unethical but criminal. 

Modern society, concludes Richard Pipes, is a complicated structure difficult to grasp, so one should never impose on it patterns of conduct. [...] It is best to let people be. The tragic and sordid story of communism teaches that political authority must never be employed for ideological reasons.


The out of Africa theory is false. Races evolved separately, in isolation. The psychological and physical characteristics, which make each race so beautifully unique were developed over hundreds of thousands of years in response to the environmental conditions to which each race was exposed. 

Although a group can sometimes go out of its way to save another group, as says Jean Raspail in his book, The Camp of the Saints“Man has never loved the whole of humanity in one bloc, all races, religions, and cultures as one, but only those that he recognizes as belonging to his own kind, those of his group, no matter how vast it is. For the rest, he forces himself to love everyone and he has been forced to do so, and in the end, when the evil has been done, there will be nothing left of him.”

Further Readings

Heinze, Andrew R (2004). Jews and The American Soul. Human Nature in the 20th century. Princeton University Press. The influence of Jews on the progressive movements in the United-States which have destroyed American culture.

MacDonald, Kevin (2002). The Culture of Critique. An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth Century Intellectual and Political Movements1st Books Library. California University Professor, Kevin MacDonald, writes an academic, well-referenced, and soft-spoken book on the destruction of America’s traditional culture by Jewish-led Cultural Marxism.